2020 – 2021 Officers

2020-2021 Officer Elects

Penny Jackson
President Elect

I am a non-traditional, post-baccalaureate premedical student at the University of Houston-Downtown. I am applying to medical school(s) this cycle. While I’m open to several specialities, I’m currently leaning towards Trauma surgery or Neurology. Random facts: I am super into 80s music (Barbarella is my favorite place here), I was a supplemental instructor for Biology II, and I served in the United States Air Force for 7 years!  My goal is to increase our pre-health members’ candidacy for their respective graduate program(s). If there is anything I can assist you with please let me know.

Nidda Mian
Vice President Elect

I am a currently a junior graduating in 2022, majoring in Biology. On campus I am a Peer Mentor for Freshman and a part of Sigma Alpha Pi. I am currently studying for the MCAT, and hope to apply this upcoming cycle (spring 2021) and would like to pursue a career in dermatology or ophthalmology. In my free time I love to paint, make ceramics, cook, bake and anything to do with skincare, makeup, and plants. A fun fact about me is that I can know almost 5 languages excluding English (Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Persian, and Spanish).

Praise Oderinde
Secretary Elect

I am a junior (class of 2022) majoring in Biology and aspire to pursue a career in medicine as a Cardiothoracic or Trauma surgeon. Being originally from Nigeria I appreciate diversity and I am passionate about helping all students especially immigrants to better navigate college. I am currently a Peer Mentor, a supplemental instruction Leader, a member of UHD LightHouse fellowship, and a member of Scholars Academy. In my free time, I love reading Webtoons, singing and taking photographs. If you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask me!

Sergey Semenov
Professional Development Chair Elect

My name is Sergey Semenov and I am a junior, majoring in Biotechnology here at University of Houston-Downtown. I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, and moved to Houston 6 years ago. I have a professional interest in the medical field, specifically emergency medicine. My hobbies include traveling, sports, and the automotive industry. I am looking forward to meeting every one of you and helping you guys with setting up the right path to your professional endeavors in the medical field.

Reyna Romero
Social Coordinator Elect

My name is Reyna Romero I am a non-traditional student. I am currently a junior expected to graduate the Fall of 2021. My major is Biology and I aspire to become a Physician Assistant. I have a deep interest in emergency medicine and trauma but would not be surprised if I end up in either the neonatal or dermatology fields, only time will tell. I am the social coordinator this school year and assist with Professional Development. I love meeting new people so please do not be afraid to say hello!

Srinithya Iyengar
Volunteer Coordinator

I am a post-baccalaureate student finishing up my pre-med required classes and intend to apply to medical school to pursue a field in emergency medicine or oncology.  After getting  my bachelors in psychology and a minor in health education from University of Houston,  my professional career started with working in specialty pharmacy alongside doctors in various specialties.  This coupled with my decade of work experience in healthcare fueled my passion of becoming a doctor especially in global health.   My hobbies are enjoying time with my 2 dogs and 2 cats, painting, gardening, reading, and learning about my culture.  A fun fact is I have lived in all four major cities in Texas. 

Taylor Nguyen

I am a junior (℅ 2022) majoring in Biological and Physical Sciences with a minor in Military Leadership. I am an Supplementary Instruction Leader at UHD and am a cadet in UH’s ROTC program. I am currently in the National Guard as a combat medic and intend to commission as a Medical Services Army Officer upon graduation. I am determined to pursue a career in medicine either in either the civilian or military sector. My hobbies include training for marathons, cycling, and reading a great book.